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Are you planning an upcoming event and looking for something original and special? Poptails will do the job! We have a wide variety of all-natural sorbets, alcoholic and organic-non-alcoholic, perfect for both adults and children.


We have freezers available to rent, as Poptails must be kept at -18°C or cooler. The designs can be customised to suit your event.


We also have carts and freezer bikes for rental. A LAPP hostess can even take care of the service during your event.


We offer a customisation service for brands or customers who would like Poptails to fit in perfectly with their event.


It’s possible to personalise the Poptails with custom stickers to convey a message or brand them with your logo.


All of our freezers and carts are also customisable – to suit all occasions.

Are you planning a launch party, press event, wedding, birthday, anniversary..? Contact us now to see what we can do for your event!

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