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    LAPP is the story of Laura & Cecilia, two long-term friends and flatmates who had the crazy  idea of creating alcoholic ice pops for their parties. From this idea, in 2016, they created Poptails by LAPP, the first brand of Poptails (cocktail ice pops) offering alcoholic sorbets inspired by favourite cocktails such as the Spritz or Mojito. Since then LAPP has also launched a range of non-alcoholic products, inspired by Mocktails! The majority of the products are organic, all of them 100% natural and suitable for vegans. 

    In 2021 LAPP launches its new range of vegan ice cream called Popdream, with a commitment to respect the environment and consumers health whilst offering delicious, gourmet ice cream. Each classic flavour is made up of a very short list of all natural, vegan and organic ingredients that result in ice cream that is light, fresh and so delicious!

    Distributed in the UK, France and Benelux, LAPP has created a lot of enthusiasm as well as receiving numerous awards. As well as being known for its frozen desserts, LAPP is also recognised for its colourful visual identity which translates the brand’s joyful and positive spirit, along the way gathering a strong and diverse community.


    Question Time

    Where does Poptail come from? and Popdream?
    The word Poptail is the contraction of POPsicle and cockTAIL, that’s all!
    Popdream, let’s just say that we love dreaming but looking closer and blinking a little you’ll read the word « ice cream » just twisted a little!

    What does LAPP mean?
    This is an onomatopoeia which represents the sound we make with our tongue while eating–like cats who ‘lap lap lap…

    Does alcohol freeze naturally?
    The answer is YES! Our delightful alcoholic sorbets have a 4.5% ABV, just like a beer!

    Why organic and vegan products?
    All our products are organic (except for the alcoholic sorbets) and the entire range is certified vegan. It’s a choice we’ve made in line with our own consumption habits and ecological beliefs. 


    Are you of legal drinking age?

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