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About Us

First brand of gourmet-cocktail-ice pops available in France and in the United Kingdom, Poptails by LAPP was born in London during spring 2016.

Born from the idea of Cécilia & Laura, the two co-founders who met at university in Paris, LAPP ice pops are the perfect combination of a fruit sorbet’s freshness and a cocktail’s guilty pleasure. Always striving for harmony, the two women pay particular attention to the exquisite blend of flavours and trendy packaging of the products; thereby revealing the full meaning of LAPP principle: “As tasty as they are beautiful”.

Meet the founders

Cécilia Thomas

Born in Neuilly-sur-Seine 23/09/1989
Master Degree in Marketing at ECS London
Personality: extrovert, creative, curious
Interests: food, interior design

Laura Faeh

Born in Colmar 26/07/1989
Master Degree in Finance at ESCE Paris
Personality: introvert, zen, multi tasker, polyglot
Interests: travel, fashion